Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Good vision requires healthy eyes, and the first step is keeping them hydrated, just like your skin. Blinking often enough to refresh the thin film of tears across the surface of your eyes is vital, but often when we concentrate on digital gadgets we tend to blink far less than we should.

Are We Blinking Enough?

Modern day life comes with lots of things to concentrate on. Every day, we are focused on our laptop screens, our phones, on the road when we’re driving – the list goes on. When we concentrate hard on something, we blink much less. The number of blinks we make per minute can reduce by as much as 80%.

This can lead to our eyes becoming dry, sore and inflamed. This condition is called Dry Eye, and affects at least 1 in 5 adults. You may not even realise you have this problem and just think you have tired eyes at the end of your computer, phone or gaming session.

How Can I Tell If I Have Dry Eye?

The key symptom of dry eye is a feeling of dryness and grittiness that makes you want to rub your eyes. However, any of these below may also indicate that you have Dry Eye:

  • Tired eyes
  • Excessive watering
  • Occasionally blurred vision
  • Scratchy/gritty/burning sensation
  • Slight redness
  • Irritation after computers/gaming

Here’s a quick test that can also help to indicate if you have dry eye.

Blink twice and then slowly count the numbers shown below. If you can’t get to ten without needing to blink then you may have dry eye:


What Happens If You Don’t Treat Dry Eye?

The main consequence of untreated dry eye is ongoing discomfort and irritation. However, continued inflammation related to Dry Eye can lead to more serious damage to the delicate surface of your eyes that requires medical treatment.

How Do You Manage Dry Eye?

The good news is dry eye is easily managed. In a similar way to managing skin that is prone to dryness, for your eyes you can apply lubricating eye drops to prevent symptoms. Leading optometrist Sarah Farrant MCOptom explains, “It’s simple to use lubricant drops for dry eye, which can help to hydrate the eye surface and keep the eyes a lot more comfortable.”

What Is The Best Treatment For Dry Eye?

The best treatment is to use lubricant drops that are preservative free. Sarah Farrant says, “For eyes that are tired and sore, really you want to look at a drop that is preservative free. There is a lot of research that shows having preservatives in eye drops can be quite toxic for chronic treatments, so we know that avoiding preservatives for Dry Eye relief is a really good idea.”

One type of preservative free drop is Thealoz® Duo, which also offers the following benefits:

  • Instant and long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms
  • One bottle contains 300 drops – sufficient for 3 months use
  • Restores the natural balance of the tears
  • Handy handbag size, economical bottle, no wastage
  • Can be used with contact lenses
  • Free from preservatives

Here Is Some Feedback From Thealoz Duo Customers

“Thealoz Duo is better than any other eye drop I’ve tried” - Liz

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Taking Control Of Your Eye Health

Eye health is a crucial part of our lives and our self-care. Take a positive step today, and integrate Thealoz Duo into your daily routine.

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