Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions

Our eye health and vision can be compromised by many different factors, from our diet and environment to age and lifestyle. Here are a few of the most common conditions that affect people every day.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a condition where the surface of the eye becomes inflamed and sore due to an imbalance between the tear film and the eyelids. This might be because you have a deficiency in the quality or quantity of your tears.

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Eating for Eye Health

Antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and other important nutrients have been shown to have a positive effect on eye health and reducing certain conditions. Vitamins and minerals have also been shown to be essential for good vision.

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Ocular Allergies

Ocular Allergies also known as allergic conjunctivitis are very common, the same allergens that cause sneezing and runny noses can also irritate your eyes leading to symptoms including itchy, watery and red eyes. The most common cause of allergic conjunctivitis are seasonal triggers such as pollen.

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Blepharitis literally means ‘inflamed eyelids’. It can be the skin area around the eyelashes that is inflamed, or the area around the oil-producing (Meibomian) glands, or both. It is a chronic condition that can be controlled, but not often cured.

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