Thealoz Plus Bottle

Unique, preservative free Dry Eye drops that contain the ‘Bioprotective’ ingredient called ‘Trehalose’ in eye drops for dry eyes working in dry conditions, presented in a multi-dose bottle.

10ml bottle


Thealoz is a preser­v­a­tive free eye drops solu­tion for the man­age­ment of Dry Eye symp­toms. Its unique ingre­di­ent is a nat­ur­al dis­ac­cha­ride, Trehalose.

Tre­halose pro­vides a com­plete­ly nov­el approach to Dry Eye relief. It pro­vides BIO­PRO­TEC­TION for the super­fi­cial cells of the eyes by improv­ing the resis­tance of these cells to the dai­ly stress­es of dry envi­ron­ments and changes in tear film chemistry.

10ml bottle


Eas­i­er than drops for my watery eyes”

Peter, Staffordshire

Bet­ter than oth­er eye drops”

Alisa, Stoke on Trent

Best Dry Eye product!”

Tracey, West Midlands

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