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My symp­toms were red­ness, itch­ing and gen­er­al discomfort/​irritation on a dai­ly basis, plus a notice­able grey/​white area on my corneas. I was referred to see an eye spe­cial­ist at Mid­land Eye in New­cas­tle under Lyme by my Opti­cian, who then referred me to a Cornea Spe­cial­ist at UHNS.

The spe­cial­ist diag­nosed me with Dif­fuse Ker­a­to­con­junc­ti­val Pro­lif­er­a­tion (small growths on my corneas which become irri­ta­ble when my eyes become dry). I received a sam­ple bot­tle of Thealoz Duo 5ml to ease my symptoms.

I used the drops, twice a day, as instruct­ed, and noticed an imme­di­ate improve­ment. Thealoz Duo def­i­nite­ly made my eyes feel more com­fort­able and reduced my symp­toms. I attempt­ed to pur­chase anoth­er bot­tle at a local phar­ma­cist, how­ev­er, they advised me to pur­chase an alter­na­tive due to the dif­fer­ence in price.

I assumed there would be no dif­fer­ence, so I took the advice of the phar­ma­cy and pur­chased the alter­na­tive. After using the alter­na­tive prod­uct for a week or so, I def­i­nite­ly noticed a dif­fer­ence, the symp­toms of my con­di­tion start­ed to wors­en and my eyes gen­er­al­ly felt less com­fort­able than when I used the Thealoz Duo.

I have since learned, Thealoz Duo can last for up to 3 months once opened, which means it is more than com­pa­ra­ble cost-wise when com­pared to the alter­na­tive I was advised to use, as this only last­ed 28 days. I would HIGH­LY REC­OM­MEND to any­one who suf­fers from dry eyes and have since start­ed using Ble­pha­clean Wipes as part of my dai­ly routine.”

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Using reg­u­lar eye drops can help to bal­ance the quan­ti­ty and qual­i­ty of tears in your eyes. We have a range of for­mu­la­tions, free from preser­v­a­tives, designed specif­i­cal­ly to pro­tect and hydrate your eyes.

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Eas­i­er than drops for my watery eyes”

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