Are you an Einstein on eye health or could you do with brushing up on your knowledge? In support of National Eye Health Week, Théa UK has launched a campaign in partnership with Lisa Snowdon urging the public to test their EYE-Q.

Surprisingly few of us know how to spot and manage different eye conditions. Théa UK’s quick online quiz poses a series of questions that aim to make people consider their eye health and be more aware of eye problems and common symptoms.

 What influences your eye health?

Lifestyle factors, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, excessive screen use, air conditioning and even being exposed to pollution can all increase your chances of developing Dry Eyes. What’s less commonly known is that menopause can also be a cause, yet only 16% of those affected realise hormone changes are the culprit. ¹

Presenter, author and model, Lisa Snowdon, had experienced watery eyes for many years due to wearing make-up and doing photoshoots in hot conditions, but when she started experiencing dry eyes her optometrist advised that this was likely to be caused by her menopause-related hormonal changes.

Lisa is hoping this campaign will help people think about how much they know about eye health and take steps to look after their eyes. She says, “I don’t think people talk about eye health enough. It’s so important. As I’ve become older, I’m more aware and concerned about my eye health”.

Image of a women in a long white and colour patterned dress sat on a bed holding two Thea product boxes.

 Can you spot the signs of common eye conditions?

Dry Eyes affects around one third of the UK population. ² Yet, many people have no idea how to spot the symptoms. As the name suggests, a feeling of dryness, irritation, soreness, and burning/stinging are common effects of this common condition, but there are many more.

Blepharitis is another widespread problem that can cause inflamed eyelids and your eyes to be red and crusty. So, if you’ve ever woken up with more than just ‘sleep’ on your eyelids, you could benefit from learning more about how to take care of your eyes. 

Théa UK has a wide range of products to improve your general eye health. Lisa says, “I hope this campaign encourages people to think about how much they really know about eye health and take steps to look after their eyes”.

Why not take the EYE-Q quiz and put your eye health knowledge to the test? If you have any concerns, we always recommend speaking to an eye care professional who will be able to diagnose your symptoms and offer you advice and support.


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