How to soothe and relieve allergic eyes all year round


With Allergy Awareness week just around the corner, we wanted to shed some light on allergic eyes and what you can do about them.

Allergy UK estimates a staggering 41 million Brits are affected by allergies¹. Among them, 60% experience eye symptoms². While some people will suffer at certain times of the year, others will struggle all year round. So, what exactly is causing your allergies, what are the symptoms to look out for and how can you keep your eyes comfortable 24/7?

What are the symptoms of allergic eye disease?

When an allergen lands on the surface of the eye, this can cause inflammation to the conjunctiva and eyelids. You might experience itchiness, redness, watering, a burning sensation, puffiness or swelling. If you suffer from allergic conditions like hay fever or have eczema, or asthma, you’re more likely to have allergic eye symptoms.

What causes allergic eyes?

Usually, people are prone to allergies because of their genetics. Your body can be more sensitive to certain, otherwise innocuous, substances. You might notice your eyes getting worse in spring and summer, for instance, because seasonal allergies are often triggered by grass, weed or tree pollens. But there are other irritants that are always lurking around the house, such as dust mites, pet dander and mould spores. These are ever-present and ready to pounce at any time.

How can you prevent and treat allergic eyes?

One of the simplest actions you can take is to avoid exposure to the allergen altogether - hay fever sufferers can shut doors and windows or wear wraparound sunglasses to protect their eyes. As the old adage says, ‘prevention is better than cure’. However, this isn’t always possible. So maintaining a good, daily eye care routine and then spot treating during flare ups can help keep on top of your allergic eye symptoms. Our top tips are:

  1. Cleanse your eyes with Blepha range to remove the allergens.
Blephaclean® cleansing wipes gently remove pollen, dust and dander from your eyelashes and eyelids to leave them free from allergens. Blepha is available in a soothing & cooling gel as Blephagel®, ideal for allergy prone-skin, and a micellar lotion, as Blephasol® for use with
2. Soothe and hydrate with Zaspray®
Reach for Zaspray® at times when you know symptoms may be worse. During warmer weather, for example. This easy-to-use spray delivers a calibrated and measured dose to your closed eyelids and is a great alternative for people who struggle with using eye drops. You can use Zaspray® along with your other anti-allergy eye drops, too.
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Give your allergic eyes some Théa Loving Care (TLC) this year with our specialist eye care range. Take advantage of the offers in our online shop and get ready to cleanse, soothe, hydrate and hug your eyes from spring to winter.
¹Allergy UK
²Thea Survey for allergy induced dry eyes – May 2021