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Diabetes: The Sugar Sheriff

When you have diabetes, it can sometimes go a little overboard, leading to sugar levels that are too high or too low. If left unchecked this can lead to a range of problems including foot problems, nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney problems (nephropathy), heart problems (heart attack), gum disease, stroke, and of course eye problems. Now, you may already be aware that diabetes can affect the back of the eyes retinopathy a lesser known but prevalent complication of diabetes is Dry Eye disease.


Approximately 61% of perimenopausal and menopausal women are affected by Dry Eye Disease; in fact women over 50 are nearly twice as likely to experience the condition compared to men of the same age. ¹


Are you an Einstein on eye health or could you do with brushing up on your knowledge? In support of National Eye Health Week, Théa UK has launched a campaign in partnership with Lisa Snowdon urging the public to test their EYE-Q.

A Feast for the Eyes

“Eat your carrots, they’ll help you see in the dark!”, sound familiar? Is there any truth behind the household phrase, and are carrots even the best food available for your eyes?

See the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

We now know food does have a clear impact on our health, and when it comes to the health of our eyes, we can take this phrase quite literally.

Preparing your eyes for cataract surgery

It’s normal to feel a little nervous or apprehensive at the thought of surgery. Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures in the UK with over 400,000* surgeries done in England alone every year. As an aging population this type of surgery is only set to grow and is something many of us might face in the future.

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