Ble­pha­sol® Duo

Cleanse With Ble­pha­sol® Duo

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This gentle cleansing solution including lint free cleansing pads, is ideal for eyelids and lashes, and has been specially formulated to be kind to both skin and eyes. Blephasol® Duo is convenient and pleasant to use, with no ‘soap effect’ or stinging sensation.

100ml bottle and 100 lint free pads


Ble­pha­sol® Duo is an eye­lid cleans­ing solu­tion in a 100ml bot­tle and includes 100 lint free pads.

  • Per­fume and paraben free
  • Lash area and skin cleansing 
  • Can be used by all con­tact lens wearers
  • No​‘soap effect’ or sting­ing, just gen­tle cleansing
  • Pleas­ant to use, mois­turis­es and soothes

When would I use this?

  • Every­day rou­tine — use morn­ing and night for your eye cleans­ing routine 
  • Cost sav­ing — a more eco­nom­i­cal alter­na­tive to wipes – up to 2 months’ usage per bottle
  • Eye make-up remover — removes all dirt and debris, includ­ing eye make-up – no longer a need to pur­chase both.
  • Includes 100 lint free pads – so no need to pur­chase any fur­ther pads.

100ml bottle and 100 lint free pads


Eas­i­er than drops for my watery eyes”

Peter, Staffordshire

Bet­ter than oth­er eye drops”

Alisa, Stoke on Trent

Best Dry Eye product!”

Tracey, West Midlands

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