Getting party ready: Give your eyes some Théa Loving Care!


Zoomed in photo of a womans eye with Thea product showcase


Party season is well and truly upon us. As the countdown to the festivities begins you may find your eyes becoming more sensitive and tired from late nights and wearing more makeup than usual. We’ve pulled together four handy tips to help you keep on top of your eye care routine with our Blepha eye care range – the UK’s no.1 eyelid1[1] cleansing range.

  1. Take time to relax with Blepha Eyebag®

This reusable warming eye mask provides comfort and relief for all dry eye sufferers from the first use. Made from natural material, it offers a rapid and long-lasting effect for tired eyes. Simply warm it up in the microwave and pop it over your closed eyes for about 10 minutes, on the morning & evening after a big night out.


Thea Blephaeyebag
  1. Sparkle and shine with Blephaclean®

Cleansing your eyelids with Blephaclean® wipes is an excellent way to remove any makeup residue, dirt, or excess oil, leaving your eyes fresh and prepped to shine. Ready-to-use daily, they are perfect on the go to keep your eyes comfortable between parties.

Thea Blephaclean


  1. Cool and soothe with Blephagel®

Late nights and makeup can take their toll on the skin around the eye. Glitter, makeup, and false lashes can make our eyes more sensitive than usual. Give them a cooling and soothing break with Blephagel®. Cleanse your delicate eye area with this premium gel, leaving it feeling soft, soothed and well cared for.


Thea Blephagel
  1. Remove makeup gently with Blephasol®

When the party's over, and it's time to hit the hay, don't forget to remove your makeup gently and thoroughly. Blephasol® is perfect for this task. It effectively removes makeup and all debris from your eyelid. Thanks to its economical 100ml bottle, Blephasol® will still be your best eyelid partner long after the party’s over. Who says you can't have it all?


Thea Blephasol


Give your eyes the Théa Loving Care they deserve this holiday season and kick start your new year with a good eyecare routine. For more information about our products and how to use, explore the full range in our online shop and get your eyes party ready. Have a fabulous and fun-filled holiday season!


[1] *Nielson Eye Health Consumer Data – MAT to end 11 March 2023