Suffering Dry, Sore or Watery Eyes?

Many people don’t realise that winter can be equally hard on your eyes, particularly in terms of cold winter winds, the effects of turning up the heat in your car or central heating and low winter sun.

Women wearing a brown hat and brown snood cover all parts of her face except her eyes

Make sure your eyes are winter ready.

We all know the effect winter can have on our general health. That’s why we take precautions to bundle up in warm jackets, boots, scarves and gloves before heading out to enjoy the winter.

Here are a few tips to ‘winter proof’ your eyes:

  • Avoid direct heating on your face, particularly car heaters, which can cause your eyes to feel dry, sore and gritty.
  • Protect your eyes from the cold winds – ironically dry eye problems can include excessively watery eyes.
  • Don’t put your sunglasses away! Wear sunglasses with UV protection all year round, in winter they provide protection against low winter sun and the glare from snow or ice.
  • Common colds and flu can cause your eyes to become irritated and sore. Prevent cross infection of coughs and colds by washing your hands well before touching your eyes.
  • Central heating in the home creates a dry atmosphere, consider using a humidifier or open the windows for a few minutes on a cold day.

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