Thealoz Duo TV ad helps people spot the symptoms of dry eye

Do you wake up feeling like there’s something stuck in your eye or suffer with sore eyes at the end of a long day? Research shows as many as 1 in 5 people suffer with dry, sore, gritty eyes yet they don’t realise this could be a condition known as Dry Eye

These irritating symptoms are caused by a variety of factors including pollution, long-term computer use, air conditioning, hormones and even the weather. In winter, our eyes suffer even more because we expose them to extremes of heat and cold – sheltering from cold winds and then blasting them with warm air, which can make symptoms worse.

We wanted to raise awareness of the symptoms to help people understand there is help in the form of Thealoz Duo Dry Eye drops. This unique formula hydrates and protects the eyes and is 100% preservative-free. It comes in a specially designed bottle that is easy to squeeze and stays fresh for up to three months.

Our consumer education campaign uses a series of colourful illustrations to get this simple message across in a 20 second television ad, split into two 10 second ads.


You can also see the campaign on the TV Central Region from Monday 19th October 2020.

Thealoz Duo is available through our shop, or at all Boots, leading opticians, and pharmacies.